Jun 1, 2014

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take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

This gave me anxiety

Is this talking about our self-image in terms of “oh I’m uglier/prettier than that” or the fareverse. You know your hair part is completely opposite looking to everyone who sees it from the way you envision it?

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May 26, 2014

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Always remember that women who call themselves feminists will be accused so many times of being man-haters, but when a man kills women just for being women, he is called mentally unwell, and a madman rather than a woman-hater or misogynist. 


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May 17, 2014

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this is important

this is important

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May 8, 2014

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just realised that my quip about “not settled into the idea of being settled” is being read by men on okc as about long-term relationships and not living in one city for an extended period of time, even though it’s followed by a paragraph about getting to know chicago. fmlllllllllllllllllllll

May 7, 2014

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Wow. Check out this footage of the Bosphorous filmed in 1910. It’s another clip from the British Pathe film archive, this one taken almost 60 years earlier than the segment I posted a while back. It’s brief and soundless, but a lovely glimpse into the waterfront as it once appeared.

As finals approach, I’ve also been enjoying having this sound recording of a Bosphorous ferry crossing playing in the background while I work. Ottoman History Podcast has several “study sounds” and soundscape episodes available, and they’re a treat - though it’s easy to get sucked into all of the other fascinating (read distracting) essays on the blog!

Apr 19, 2014

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Seen on a scarf
photo by Jason


Seen on a scarf

photo by Jason

Apr 15, 2014

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